Landmark study reveals impact of engagement on advertising effectiveness

A new research study by leading strategic insights consultancy Nature, commissioned by Foxtel Media, has revealed the impact of engagement on advertising effectiveness. The study, involved qualitative and quantitative research and implicit behavioural measurement of over 3,000 Australians.

The research establishes, for the first time, a comprehensive definition of viewing engagement – as an outcome of emotional investment, intent, mental focus and social connection.

See some of the key take-outs below.


Summary: what the study shows about Foxtel Media audiences:

On average across occasions, audiences watching Foxtel are
27% more engaged than audiences watching Free to Air TV

Through implicit measurement of natural viewing, the peak engagement for Foxtel viewing was 16% higher than
non-subscription TV audiences

Foxtel’s more engaging advertising formats drive greater ad recall - up to 11% - for advertising partners

Foxtel’s more engaging advertising formats drive stronger brand uplifts for advertising partners

Across 17 categories (from grocery to retail, communications, QSR, fitness, furniture and more) Foxtel customers spend on average 46% more than non-customers

A new definition of TV Engagement


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